FTA Firm is active in the Real Estate sector providing the following services:

Representation of buyers for the purchase of real estate that does not belong to the company's portfolio

Representing buyers to buy real estate that does not belong to the FTA portfolio. The buyer indicates the property he is interested in and the team undertakes to visit the property with him, technical inspection, evaluation, to negotiate the sale price of the property and to be present until the final signing of the contracts.

Real estate

Properties for sale that have successfully passed pre-inspection and meet the specifications set by the Property Quality Check system of the FTA, so that they can finally be put up for sale. Key checkpoints are securities techniques and legality check.

Private Real Estate Collection for sale

In this category belong the properties that are for sale but are not published on the Internet. Owners for various reasons have chosen to sell their properties exclusively through FTA Firm.

Real Estate Appraisal

The office appraiser undertakes the visit to the property, the collection of information related to its condition, and any other data needed to create a complete estimate of the sale or purchase price.


In cooperation with construction companies, we have for sale newly built houses, apartments and special buildings.