Why would somebody choose FTA Firm

FTA does what no one else in the Greek Real Estate Industry does. 
Sets the requirements & the specifications needed for a successful deal 

Filling the gap by properly recording, evaluating and improving real estate sales processes by making faster, more efficient and more accurate is the reason why the FTA has managed to keep up with Real Estate.

Since its inception, the aim has been to understand the needs of the buyer, and in particular where the procedures and agreements have failed. Each month we receive approximately 80-90 real estate properties for sale, of which 65% on average manages to pass the audit and evaluation system.



Property Buyers / Investors
Representing the buyer, can evaluate the property and do the negotiation in the proper way. The terms and the condition of the property are under consideration and evaluation by hour Licensed Architects, Engineers, and Lawyers.


All of the properties have been evaluated, the documents associated with them have been pre-checked by our attorneys.
When selling the property the buyer will not face unpleasant surprises because when a property has been in the FTA Portfolio the legality and integrity of the property have been fully checked.



There is no representation of buyers in real estate for sale by FTA Real Estate Firm. These properties have already been checked, both their price and specifications are assessed.

Buyers are represented only on properties that do not belong to the FTA Real Estate Firm, either owned by other real estate agencies or individuals